Friday, April 8, 2011

New Items and a New Camera

So as I have been saying I was needing to work on a donation gift for one of the moms clubs here in the Tri Valley area. I am so excited. I created a cute little version of the sock rose bouquet I sell on my site (
This is the New mini version

This is the bigger version

I think they are the cutest. I posted it on the etsy store and I will be posting it all over trying to sell the small ones also. I am hoping they will sell. This is all so new to me... Yikes. Am I doing it right??? Will it sell??? Will people like it???

Oh and speaking of crafty projects... I have completed all the squares for the crochet blanket that I am making for my niece. Now I am starting to add a variegated border so that I can sew it all together. I am also anxious to start making a new blanket like the one I made with the moon and stars. But that is a bigger project.

On another wonderful note. I bought a new camera and I am loving it. It takes such great pictures. So crystal clear and clean. It is sad to know that I was using a new camera and that was not doing the job. I ended up taking back my Olympus and buying a Nikon P100. I am in heaven!! Here are some pictures I took today while taking my daughter for a bike ride around the block.

So I am completely excited to start taking more pictures and posting them. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and talk to you all next week.


  1. I'm visiting from Hop A Little Tuesday. I love this stuff you make! Very creative and clever. I'm now following.


  2. Hi, stopped by from Hop a Little Tuesday. Loving your blog. We received something similar for our first little girl and it was gorgeous. Feel free to check outmy page at: :-)