Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When do I get to slow down???

I feel like I am on a fast forward track through the weeks. My weeks are blending together. And who said being a stay at home mom was easier? Ok so far today... to start out... It is 2:13PM in and I am just now sitting down to have a cup of coffee! Re-heated no less. No breakfast and no lunch. And the sad part is I realize I have only one kid. So I commend all you moms out there that have more than one! I am sure there are alot of moms out there that can feel the pain. This is just a "dump of my brain" in hopes to tell myself to slow down a bit! It is becoming clear that I am running out of time in my days. Between being a mom and a wife, I am the secretary for the MOMS Club, playgroup coordinator for a 2's playgroup, and working hard at starting my business (http://www.jeannasadorra.com/).

My days are so jammed packed with things to do that the only way I can get a good book in is to READ while on the Elliptical at the gym! And that is only two days a week that I am on the elliptical. I also do a UJam class and a Zumba class. I think it would be pretty hard to read and dance around. Plus I am a huge reader! love love love reading. And when my daughter naps (thank goodness for that!) I can't seem to rest either. I have 100 things running through my mind about what I need to do during that time that I don't have to work around her and get things done.

We are also throwing a Easter party for the family at the house this weekend including a egg hunt. My husband has these lovely ideas to have these parties and then zooms off to work leaving me to tell the families, coordinate the food, get the eggs and stuff the eggs to hunt for, clean the house, prepare the backyard, plus keep up the dirty laundry, prepare lunch and dinner every night, and care for our daughter.

Ugh thanks everyone... :-) feeling better now. I hope that this will self help me to slow down a bit. On to other things...

I wanted to give you all a update on the blanket I am making my niece (2mo old). It is in the final stages. I get to give it to her Thursday. This first picture is of the squares themselves.

Then I added a variegated border so that I can sew them all together and crochet around the full size of the blanket.

My grandmother and my mom taught me how to crochet. I must say, it is very soothing to the mind to spend an hour or so.

And last, I wanted to share these backyard friends with all of you. They bring my daughter joy every morning. She sits and watches them feed all the time. And anyone out there ever seen a black squirrel? I must say that one is the cutest. And I think the brown squirrel is a little prego! Yay babies....

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